Proactively Engage Online Customers

You can track up to the second visitor activity on your web sites. Proactively engage your visitors with custom marketing messages tailored specifically to what they are interested in.  Increase sales by being proactive and letting your customers know you are there.

Multiple Operators

Setup multiple operators to monitor your site.  With multiple operators you can utilize departments and skills to rout chat requests or monitor visitor activity the way you need, improving productivity.

Department specific chat

Site users can select what department they would like to speak to and the application will automatically rout them to the operator (or operators) available under the selected department.  Answer your site visitors questions quicker by routing them to the appropriate operators.

Transfer chats between operators

Operators can easily transfer chats with a few simple clicks allowing your company to handle requests seamlessly.

Operator to operator chat

Site Operators can send messages privately to each other. Message quickly and efficiently inside of the same application.

Operator to operator training mode

Hiring a new chat operator? Fusion Live Chat allows you to monitor their chats in real time and even “whisper” directly to the operator within the customer chat.

Integrated spell check

Integrated Spell Check checks your spelling as you type to your customers. Quickly fix any mistakes before they are sent and look professional.

Visitor and operator typing status

Operators and visitors can see the "Typing Status". This feature keeps your customers engaged by letting them know the Operator is helping.

Canned responses

Have common questions? Canned responses save your operators valuable time and help increase efficiency and productivity.

Push pages to visitor

Direct your customers to the right place by “Pushing” them the webpage they are looking for. This automatically opens a window on your customers screen and makes directing them where they want to go quick and easy.

Custom background, logo and chat images

Easily personalize your live chat window with your company logo and a custom background.

Visitors can request emailed transcript

When customers are finished chatting they can request a transcript of their chat session. The system will automatically email this to them saving you time.

Automatic leave a message form

Not online or after hours? Site visitors are automatically given a custom greeting and asked to leave a message. Easily configure this to your needs.

SSL Secure live chat

All chats are protected using SSL encryption. Feel safe taking orders or sharing sensitive data.


Co-Browse allows you to view the exact page your customer is seeing as they see it. Useful for customer service and site monitoring.

Pre & Post chat surveys

Ask your customers vital information before and after the chat using pre and post chat surveys. Need to know how your chat operators are performing? Need pre chat service questions answered like order numbers or names?

Skills based chat routing

Create custom skill routing rules that send chat request to specific operators. Does a customer need help in computers? Send that chat request to only the Operators with that skill. Skill based chats can be as simple or complicated as you need it to be with many variables and conditions.

Send files to visitors while chatting (PDFs, etc)

Seamlessly send files to customers inside of the chat. Word documents, PDFs, and images are just a small sample of what can be sent easily without leaving the chat.

Full text search & reporting on chat transcripts

All chat transcripts are easily searchable via the chat reporting. Look at all chats from a particular operator, or find all chats that take an order or mention a service.

Operator performance reporting

View key performance metrics. How long does Robert take to answer chats? What is the average length of time he is on a chat? How does this compare with your other operators?

Click To Call Back

Click To Call Back allows your customers to request a phone call and a time via an easy to use form. This request is automatically routed to the appropriate operators and reminders are sent.

Monitor PPC Campaigns

Are you a victim of click fraud? Want to visually see how customers who come from your PPC campaigns are interacting with your site? Fusion Live Chat tags all visitors coming from PPC campaigns and allows you to easily sort and monitor.

Monitor Prospects

Define custom conditions that trigger prospect alerts. Have they been on your site for at least 5 minutes and have they added an item to their cart? Be notified as soon as prospect conditions are met and you can proactively engage or set custom messages to be delivered based on these conditions.

Live Chat

Efficiently manage customer service and sales by offering your customers live chat. Operators can carry on 3-4 live chats at the same time and draw from canned responses, send files, and push web pages which help make customer service quick, easy, and cost efficient.

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